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Craft & mane 

Craft & Mane Academy is a [members-only] secret hiding spot for all my favorite hair tips and techniques.  A place to come to learn new techniques and TRULY start to understand how to style [and love] your hair.


Having salon-style hair doesn't have to take forever and you don't need any overwhelming methods tying you down.  Let's get down to the tried and true techniques that show up EVERY TIME!

Nikki Kepley hair stylist

Hi there

Hey friends!  My name is Nikki.  I am a wife, mama and hairdresser for over 18 years!  [yikes, time flies.]

A couple years ago, a random idea popped into my head.  I noticed that so many of my clients and Instagram friends were asking me the SAME questions.  Like all of them.

As I was answering each individual question I thought to myself, I need a place where all these answers can live.

That's how Craft & Mane Academy was born!

Who is this really for?

Craft & Mane Academy is designed for multiple different kinds of people.  A curly girl, someone who loves wearing their hair smooth, a professional, a stay at home mom or even a middle school girl [who's just learning how to do her hair.]

Craft & Mane Academy
Round Brush Blowout tutorial

what's Included?

Convenient sized videos that are quick and to the point but detailed enough to actually be helpful.

  1. Are You Shampooing Properly?

  2.  Intro to Curls + Waves

  3.  How to Apply Products For An Optimal Blowout

  4. Round Brush Dryer

  5.  Blowout Refresh + Dry Shampoo

  6.  Bouncy Curling Iron Style

  7.  How to Apply Products to Naturally Curly Hair

  8.  How to Diffuse For Reduced Frizz

  9.  Top 3 FAQ -Clarifying, Cowashing + Porosity

  10.  Hair Loss 101

  11.  Dressed Up Top Knot

  12.  Two Important Ways To Use Your Hair Towel

  13.  Express Curly Wash Day

  14.  Quick and Easy Curly Refresh

  15.  90's Blowout Styling Hack

How do I become a member?

Craft & Mane Academy's content is password protected and for members only.  The course is just $47 and to gain access you simply email the word HAIR to

Once the email is submitted you will receive a response about how to submit payment and access your content!  It's as easy as that.  See you there!

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