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How does Ivy House Salon work?

Welcome! You're here, and we're so glad.

You may have noticed a few things that are unique to Ivy House. I'm here to chat with you about that so you can get the most out of our salon.

As always, your experience is our top priority.

Here's how we manage that.

Independence: Each of our stylists at Ivy House are independent. That means we don't micro manage them. We let them manage themselves! Why aren't all jobs like this? (right?) Each stylist is in charge of her own schedule. As she balances her home life (maybe that includes kiddos) and her life in the salon, she creates her own working hours and manages her time off. It's the ideal situation.

Communication: Ivy House allows each stylist to be in full communication with their guests. (can you imagine knowing your guest's hair preferences and personal details about her life but not her cell phone number or email address?) We believe communication is key so if you need to chat with your stylist, please feel free to direct message them on Instagram, email them or text them. They will gladly get back to you in a reasonable amount of time.

Bookings: Making an appointment request is easy and can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more waiting for business hours and calling the front desk. You can request an appointment at 2pm in the carpool line or at 2am while you're laying in bed. That part's up to you! Not sure who to book with? Our team page is a great place to browse our stylists, their schedules and specialties. You can also see their work via their Instagram page, which is also linked there.

Ideally (if you have an iphone) you can download the Square Go app and request your appointments that way. You can also make changes to your appointments in the app. If you're an android user you can get to this same booking site via your stylist's booking link. This link is located on the team page of this website or on your stylist's Instagram page. If you're having trouble deciding what to book for, simply message your stylist. They are happy to help.

Upon Arrival: It is best is you arrive to your appointment about 5 minutes early. That way you can visit the restroom or help yourself to a yummy beverage and snack. At the front of the salon we have a mini fridge chock full of cold beverages. From iced coffee, to champagne, to peach bellinis, to cold beer, we've got you covered! Of course we have fresh coffee, hot tea and snacks galore. Please, make yourself at home as you arrive. Have a seat on the couch, your stylist will be with you shortly.

Before Check Out: Before checking out, be sure to gather the items you are running low on. Wether that be shampoo, a masque, your favorite volumizing product or an infamous dry shampoo. We want you to stock up so you're prepared for the weeks to come. We have hand selected the products in the front of the salon. They are some of the top products within our industry and we are excited to show you how to use them to recreate your style at home. Remember, when you shop small with Ivy House you are supporting a young woman and her growing family. That's something that is invaluable and we thank you for being so intentional.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing Ivy House for your haircare needs and for trusting us with your hair. We don't take it lightly and we are forever grateful.

xo, Nikki Kepley


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